Getting started with Smart Certificate is easy due to our plug & play solution, providing an optimal user experience for anyone, with support videos to assist you every step of the way.

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Sign up

With a simple and fast registration, get access to your customer account settable with your preferences. Without any registration fee, you can start issuing your first documents for free and discover all the features without any restriction.

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Template editor

With the editor, build and customize your templates, allowing to issue any kind of documents: certificates, attestations, diplomas, transcripts, badges, permits, statements, etc. Thanks to a multi-layered approach allowing to include images, texts and variable fields, templates enable to turn your data into personalized documents.

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Documents’ issuance

The platform lets you issue documents to your recipients in one secure step. It provides a tool to easily upload your lists of recipients, their related data as well as your personalized emails, with our own built-in encryption scheme to ensure privacy.

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Social network integration

Recipients can share their documents via a secured PDF (including a QR code), a hyperlink and on their social networks (on their personal profile and activity feed), allowing anyone to instantly verify their integrity, authenticity and real-time validity.

Discover how users integrate their documents on LinkedIn
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Smart Ads

Stamp your documents with Smart Ads© banners for powerful marketing and branding campaigns. By sharing their documents with their networks, your recipients become active and powerful ambassadors to promote your brand.

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Monitor documents' activations and stay in touch with your recipients. Keep track of how your documents are used, by whom, and some key metrics about how they generate click-through traffic to your own website.

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