Deployment of the Smart Certificate platform for their degree programs (MBA, EMBA, Masters…) as well their executive education programs (>40).

Project Delivery

Collaboration started in 2011 (designing then deploying V1), 2017-2019 (collaborating on the design of the V2).

Major challenges and solutions

  • High expectations and requirements in terms of product quality and client support.
  • API Integration with their CRM (Salesforce), in collaboration with their IT team.
  • High level of constraints (data processing, privacy…) when sensitive data are handled in order to deliver the services.
  • International environment which required dynamic and effective project management method.
  • Continuous and close collaboration has enabled us to deliver the expected operational excellence, without interruption during all these years.
  • Collaboration with such organization has allowed to continuously improve our project management methodology.

Unless you want to make a point of hanging your diploma on the wall, the antiquated paper diploma is so passé. But there is a way to keep in touch with the evolution of technology. Smart Certificate brings credentials up to date with the newest digital technology, as we do for our own programs.

Benoît Leleux,
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance
IMD - Suisse

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