Deployment of the Smart Certificate platform for their 50+ different schools.

Project Delivery

Collaboration started in 2013

Major challenges and solutions

  • Project of high level of complexities, taking into consideration the structure of the organization: several schools organized by topic and programs, spread all over many different locations.
  • High level of constraints (data processing, privacy…) and specifications (multiple decision makers, many operators/users) with several specifications.
  • An effective and dynamic project management method is mandatory to deliver on quality and time for such multi sites organization.
  • Continuous and close collaboration with top management and local organizations/departments has enabled us to deliver the expected operational excellence, without interruption during all these years.
  • Collaboration with such organization has allowed to continuously improve our project management methodology.

We decided to adopt Smart Certificate in order to dramatically increase the security of our valuable diplomas, by avoiding the possibility of forging fake. We also intend to offer a useful service to our alumni on the job market 2.0, while expecting them to keep their personal info up to date. As a result, Galileo Group’s image as an innovative and trend-setting institution should be strengthened.

Alain Léon,
EVP Operations
Galileo Global Education - France

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