About us

The Smart Certificate platform was designed and developed by an international team of seasoned entrepreneurs from the technology and business worlds.

David Goldenberg in black and white, looking at the camera

David Goldenberg

Founder and CEO

As CEO, David is responsible for setting the company’s overall objectives, strategy and product development. A natural go-getter with great enthusiasm, David is a direct, quick and creative thinker. He excels in promoting ideas to, with and through others and strives tirelessly toward success. He has deep experience in strategy and business development and holds a Master’s degree in Investment Management from Bayes Business School.

Thomas John in black and white, looking at the camera

Thomas John

Head of product

Thomas is responsible for product development projects for the company. An extraordinary autodidact, he has acquired vast experience in new Web technologies through numerous projects. Expert in user experience and interface, he masters all aspects of conception, design and production of IT products, from a proof of concept for new solutions to their deployment on a large scale.

Christelle Mindombe in black and white, looking at the camera

Christelle Mindombe

Client Services Manager

Responsible for customer operations, Christelle has only one goal: to guarantee the best experience for all of our users. Native communicator and endowed with great attention to detail, she developed a keen sense of customer service in order to be able to deliver the level of excellence expected by all our partners. Passionate about discovering new cultures, Christelle holds a bachelor's degree in commerce and Asian relations as well as a master's degree in marketing, and is fluent in several languages.

Silvio Samuel in black and white, looking at the camera

Silvio Samuel

IT Manager

IT Manager, Silvio is in charge of development, maintenance, database management and web services for the entire system. Uncommon ability to lead complex projects, his vast experience brings essential added value to the success of all our projects. A graduate in mathematics and computer science, he is an expert in software development.

Armando Dal Colletto in black and white, looking at the camera

Armando Dal Colletto

Head of Partnerships

Responsible for partnerships and business development in Latin America, Portugal and Spain, he has a deep knowledge and many years of experience in the education and training sector, its requirements and constraints, as well as future challenges, particularly on technological issues. He is an engineer from the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo, and holds an MBA from the Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV in Brazil.

Philippe Fass in black and white, looking at the camera

Philippe Fass

Brand Manager

Philippe Fass develops the marketing strategy and its creative implementation. His mission is to turn Smart Certificate into a new market standard. In his previous life, Philippe spent ten years in London working as senior creative for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi. There, he sharpened his skill and above all, his magic touch so you’ll want to keep reading. Philippe is a graduate of the Brussels’ Centre des Arts Décoratifs.

Erika Ellyne in black and white, looking at the camera

Erika Ellyne

Legal Counsel

Erika is our external legal counsel, who ensures that our activities and products meet the necessary legal standards. She is specialised in intellectual property and IT law. She understands new technologies, their multiple uses, and their legal ramifications. She has a masters degree in European and international law, as well as a long experience in the law and technology domain.