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Stéphanie Villemagne - Director, MBA Programme Management - INSEAD Stéphanie Villemagne Director, MBA Programme Management INSEAD “Smart Diploma™ is a very simple and clever solution to resolve one major issue: to certify electronically our branding via our diplomas.”
Jim Pulcrano - Executive Director - IMD Jim Pulcrano Executive Director
IMD “The added value of Smart Diploma™ for IMD is to make our alumni more satisfied by getting an added value service, and also our corporate partners who can check our credentials through a transparent and a trustful solution.”
Alon Rozen - Assistant Dean - ENPC MBA PARIS Ecole des Ponts ParisTech Alon Rozen Assistant Dean
ENPC MBA PARIS Ecole des Ponts ParisTech “Smart Diploma™ allows us to have a better, easier and more streamlined relationship with our graduates and alumni and to reduce our administrative burden such as interactions with recruiters and verification services.”

Smart Diploma™ for Academia

Grant and monitor your credentials via a unique administrative and management tool.
In a few clicks.

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Academic institutions

Smart Diploma™ for Graduates

Store and share your certified credentials. In a few clicks.
It's your lifetime asset. Give your career a boost.

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Smart Diploma™ for Recruiters

Credentials’ verification? One click away!
Securely verify academic credentials and build an instant level of trust with job applicants.

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Smart Diploma™ is remarkably easy to use

See how easily academic institutions are turning credentials into
powerful career assets for their graduates.

CVTrust Smart Diploma™ solution Inside the foundry

Today, more than 30% of CVs are simply unreliable

Checking academic credentials is complex and time-consuming. As the job market has become global and competition for applicants intensifies, the academic institutions and job market players are facing a growing integrity challenge.
Smart Diploma™ is the only reliable and cost-effective solution for certifying and checking academic backgrounds – in just a few clicks.


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Offer digital credentials to your graduates using a unique administrative and marketing solution.

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Securely manage your digital credentials in one place, actively demonstrate your integrity and give your career the full benefit of your credential’s reputation.